An Embodiment of the Boldest Ideas

The advanced design approaches and state-of-the art production technologies used for the creation of the yacht make the mX700 a true conqueror of the seas.
mX700 - A New Class of Sport Sailing Keel Yachts

The production is implemented by Mobile Group, a company possessing extensive experience in the creation of sport sailing vessels of varying complexity: from the round-the world "Fazisi" and a carbon-hulled super yacht for the America's Cup to serial micro and Em-Ka yachts.
Easy to Master
The mX700 was designed as a vessel for yacht clubs. It is an ideal choice for teaching sailing at any age, regardless of gender or fitness.

The yacht is so easy to handle that even a single person can cope with it.
Easy to Own
The overall width of mX700 is 2.28m. No permits or special documentation is required for its transportation. An average trailer with a 1350kg total weight will easily take the boat and the gear with payload to spare.

No crane required! Owing to a lifting keel, the yacht can be launched from a slip.

It is easy to tow. Easy to launch. Easy to rig. Delightful to sail!
Daring Character
The easy-to-handle yacht boasts a wide range of settings and possesses some serious sporting potential. It has been created for competitions.

Technical specifications

Length: 6.93m
Width: 2.28m
Draft: 1.5m
Mast: 9.0m
Design weight (without crew): 805kg
Keel weight: 300kg
Mainsail area: 16m2
Staysail area: 10.1m2
Gennaker area: 46.3m2
Crew: 4-5 people
Design and Engineering
The mX700 hull was designed from a clean sheet, taking into account state-of-the art design methods, yachting fashion, and rich sporting experience. Despite the tight deadlines, the project went through all development stages: creation of a theoretical model of the hull, detailed modelling (wettability, heel/trim), detailed weight load calculations, stability calculations, and final smoothing of the surfaces.

In addition to Mobile Group specialists, the development team included professional racers and seasoned designers Andrey Kosorotov and Mikhail Mataruev, who have extensive experience in the development of Open800 class sports boats.
The mX700 yachts are manufactured utilising fiberglass sandwich structure based on epoxy vinyl ester resin, multiaxial fabric, and foam plastic as the filler.

For the best quality of the hull material, the vacuum infusion process is employed. This technology unique for Russian yacht building, combined with the use of carbonaceous materials in critical areas, has enabled significant improvement of the quality and technical characteristics of the hull.